Our mission

Overarching objective for 2020

To progressively select, though a sustainable development approach, disadvantaged Himalayan populations and help them improve their individual and collective living conditions, adapt to their changing environment and take their future in hand in ways that promote harmony and welfare in the region as a whole.

Subsidiary objectives to 2020

To lend material assistance to selected disadvantaged rural and urban Himalayan populations and to help them strengthen their capacities in order for them to be able to:

1.  Improve their living conditions: to assist them, in each country and regionally, to raise their standards of living to subsistence levels and beyond;

2.  Adapt to their changing environment: to assist them to become more aware of economic, technological, administrative and other changes around them and to help build their own capacity in these areas; to assist populations to organize their future sustainably both for themselves and in their interaction with neighbors and the regional context, for the benefit of all.