Norlha is a secular, non-profit NGO based in Switzerland with Delegations in several European countries, providing development assistance through various projects in Bhutan and in Nepal, in cooperation with local partners. Norlha is proud to be a member of the Fedevaco. 87% of the money you give is spent directly on projects. The rest goes on administration.


How we turn women into entrepreneurs

“I want to become a role model farmer in my village” – says Janaki Gurung. With our support, she has turned her back on work as a labourer and has a bright future as an independent farmer and goat breeder.

Norlha empowers women impacted by migration in Nepal

Faced with the phenomenon of mass migration in Nepal, Norlha launched a new project to support women impacted by the absence of family members.

Migration in Nepal: Five keys for understanding a mass phenomenon

More than 1,300 Nepalese leave their country every day. What are the consequences of this phenomenon for the development of the country and how does Norlha address this issue?

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From farmer to entrepreneur, with Norlha

They live in one of the most isolated and poorest regions of Nepal. Farmers in Humla are nonetheless finding new ways to make a living with our support.

Norlha and the Centre for Women in the Himalayas

Women are the backbone of life in the rural Himalayas and key to economic development. The Centre for Women in the Himalayas has grown out of Norlha’s work. Find out more.


Sophie Lavaud: conquers Broad Peak

Norlha’s ambassador, Sophie Lavaud, has become the 48,000 lady after conquering her sixth 8,000 m summit. She reached the top of Broad Peak (8,047m) to raise funds for women in Nepal.


Support us

A simple donation can help provide long term support for Himalayan families.

The Centre for Women

Download our new report on The Women of the Himalayas.
Learn more about the Norlha Centre for Women in the Himalayas.

Annual Report 2016

Find out about all Norlha’s activities in 2016 in the latest edition of the annual report.