Norlha is a secular, non-profit NGO based in Switzerland with Delegations in several European countries, providing development assistance through various projects in Tibetan areas of China, in Bhutan and in Nepal, in cooperation with local partners. Norlha is proud to be a member of the Fedevaco. 87% of the money you give is spent directly on projects. The rest goes on administration.

Norlha Symposium 2015


Empowering women in rural himalayan communities

In the Himalayan region, women are the pillars of the rural economies and yet, despite some progress, they continue to face more obstacles to development than men, as a result of gender-based discrimination.

In November 2014, a Norlha Symposium reviewed the challenges facing high-altitude agriculture in the Himalayas and concluded that finding ways to overcome the challenges they face and empowering them should be of paramount importance for the development and prosperity of rural communities.

In view of this, Norlha proudly announces the 2015 Norlha Symposium “Empowering Women in Rural Himalayan Communities”.

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News Stories


Sophie Lavaud – reaches for the sky

Norlha’s ambassador, Sophie Lavaud, is back in Switzerland, after reaching the summit of Gasherbrum II (8035m) last July, a legendary peak in the Karokoram chain in Pakistan. Here she gives us her personal account of her most recent expedition.

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Norlha launches Earthquake Recovery Programme

Norlha has launched its earthquake Recovery Programme for Nepal. It will provide vital food, shelter and restarting of crucial agricultural activities for more than 5000 people in two remote areas.

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Ten Years of Norlha

Norlha is ten years old and wants you to join in the celebrations. We are planning films, dancing and traditional food during our annual Himalayan Festival and a chance to meet our ambassador, the mountaineer Sophie Lavaud.

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