Nepal – Kheti Humla – Agriculture Development

Location : Village Development Committees of Bargaon, Khagalgaon, Muchu, Simikot and Dandanhaya, District of Humla, Nepal

Period: July 2013 – July 2016

Direct Beneficiaries: 1625 Persons

Indirect Beneficiaries: 7000 Persons

Financial partner(s): Fedevaco, Fondation Lord Michelham of  Hellingly, Fondation Alfred et Eugénie Baur-Duret; Ville de Lancy

Local Partner: Nepal Trust


More than 60 farmers have been trained so far by Norlha’s Kheti Humla – Agriculture Development project since it was launched in 2013. It prioritizes the most marginalized groups, including women and ethnic minorities. The beneficiaries are drawn from 325 families with small landholdings, which often produce insufficient food and in many cases the household is headed by a woman who bears the brunt of the work.

Twelve greenhouses have been built uptil now to allowing farmers to extend the growing season at altitude and have more access to fresh vegetables. Norlha has developed the greenhouse designs and built them with the project groups and the NGO has provided training courses and tools. The aim is to provide enough food for families for much of the year and provide ways for them to create extra income. The groups are led by 29 trained lead-farmers.

In an effort to generate more income in areas where there is little suitable land available, beekeeping has been introduced and the first beekeepers have been approved to sell their honey at market. Norlha also works to develop micro investment and access to markets to provide families with the cash they need to buy equipment or provide schooling for their children.