Bhutan – The Rangzhin Neytang project – a focus on the environment

Former title: Organic Farming Project

Period: October 2013 – December 2016 (1st phase)

Technical partner: UNEP & UNDP’s joint programme: Poverty and Environment Initiative (UNPEI)

Local partner: RSPN

Project managers: Manuela D’Andrea

Local coordinator: Rinchen Wangmo


Project Presentation:

In Trashigang Province, located in Eastern Bhutan, about 85% households living in rural area rely on agricultural activities for their livelihood. Several households point out that they suffer from food shortage during many months of the year.

Many root causes are responsible for this situation: with 40% of its lands concentrated on steep slopes, Trashigang is the district the most affected by soil erosion. In that context, agricultural production is directly threatened. 96% of the population use chemical fertilizers, which significantly impoverish the soils and impact agricultural yields. Wild animals also have a negative impact on agricultural yield, as croplands are not systematically equipped with fences.

Thanks to this project, local communities will learn how to use organic farming techniques and to carry out projects to reduce soil erosion. More precisely, actions will be implemented such as training and advisory services, as well as provisions of plant materials and equipment.

Financial partner