Past Programmes

Since the creation of the association, several projects has been developed with success. Altough they are now finished, they still produce results today in the communities’ life in these regions.

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Support for School in Sichuan

After a first distribution of school materials and incentive, Norlha conducted since July 2010, an ambitious project called ” Schools On the Roof of the World ” ( DESTM ) to sustainably improve the conditions and the quality of primary education in several schools in the region (northern Sichuan).


Health project in Sichuan

This project took place in the district of Sershul (Sichuan Province), situated in a mountainous region isolated and with difficult climatic conditions, with poor electricity, heating or hot water. The few health services are lacking in skills and knowledge of modern medicine, care equipment, and the local population is lacking in basic health knowledge.


Waste awareness and management project
in Sershul

The waste management project (2009-2012) launched by Norlha in 5 villages of the Sershul district had the aim to reinforce the capacity of partners to ensure the collection and treatment of waste, in order to lower mortality (maternal and infant) and to reduce diseases within the population.


Emergency Fund in Yushu

Following the earthquake of magnitude 6.9 on April 14, 2010 in Yushu (or Kyegudo, Qinghai Province), Norlha put in place a system of emergency support and set up reconstruction projects in collaboration with their local partners. In the first instance Norlha and their partners in the field were able to give emergency support to the population of Yushu for several weeks./p>